How Do You Make Yourself Big?

by Tammy Hardin on June 12, 2012

How do you make yourself big? Well that is a crazy question isn’t it! I spend most of my days working with other people’s stress. Stress makes us do all kinds of crazy things – it drives us to over eat, over spend, over anger, drink, drug, smoke, have panic attacks, makes our body hurt, our blood pressure go up, our sugar go wild, you name it we do it. Stress is killing us as a nation and a society, we as human beings who have become human doings are threatened on a daily basis with loud noises like alarm clocks, ringing phones, honking cars, etc.; physical threats like bosses, bills, the pressure of keeping up with the Jones’s; blah, blah, blah….it stresses me out just writing it. You know the stresses we are bombarded on a daily basis, your most likely living them as we run the human rat race.

These two paragraphs in one of my favorite books were eye opening. Norman Vincent Peale first wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking” in 1952, “In the circumstances of modern life, with its acceleration of pace, the practice of silence is admittedly not so simple as it was in the days of our forefathers. A vast number of noise producing gadgets exist that they did not know, and our daily program is more hectic. Space has been annihilated in the modern world, and apparently we are attempting to annihilate the factor of time. It is only rarely possible for an individual to walk in the deep woods or sit by the sea or meditate on a mountaintop or on the deck of a vessel in the midst of an ocean. But when we do have such experiences, we can print on the mind the picture of the silent place and the feel of the moment and return to in the memory to live it over again just as truly as when we were actually at the scene.” Really, 1952 they were stressed and over impulsed and couldn’t find a place of quiet. Norman would be over the top if he was living in 2012.

Over the next few blogs we are going to talk about stress, how we create it, how we respond, etc. Whatever you are doing in your life that you don’t want to do it is because you get stressed, have to create safety and you fall back into the proverbial big black hole.

So let’s come back to my question – how do you make yourself big? We have two options when we find ourselves being attacked (stressed out), we either fight or flee. Part of fighting is making yourself look as big as you possibly can in order to intimidate your opponent. So my question is how do you do stress? How do you do battle? How do you fight? Do you over eat in order to physically look big so no one will mess with you? Do you spend a lot of money buying all the best things so you will have more toys and therefore look big through things? Do you get angry and loud so people will run away? What do you do in order to make yourself look big? Do you brag? Do you use alcohol or drugs to get courage or to numb out the care? Do you become super religious? Do you redouble your efforts at control thinking if you tell the planet how to operate you can fight better? Do you create big problems so people will flee?

If you want to change your life we start by understanding how you fight. Over the next few weeks we will talk about how you fight, how you create it (stress) so we can begin to change the pattern. I will teach you how to do what Norman Vincent Peale talked about in regards to putting yourself back in a peaceful state that you have previously experienced thus allowing you to be calm no matter your circumstances.

Whatever is going on in your life let me reassure you, you are not a victim of your circumstances, your thoughts or your responses. You can change. You can have the life you have only been dreaming about.

So let’s start here, how do you make yourself big?

Tammy Hardin is a Certified LifeBreakthrough Coach, Biblical Counselor and FEFT Practitioner specializing in Relapse Prevention. She brings her 20 years of experience in the field of addiction to teach individuals and groups how to breakthrough and break out of self defeating patterns and beliefs keeping them trapped. She "snips the wires" to past references and attachments in order to help her clients create the health, wealth and relationships of their dreams.

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